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Esti aici: Alexandru Marias

Alex Marias - Alexandru Marias

Alexandru Marias, or short Alex Marias is a software developer and games designer living in Targu Jiu city, Romania.

He graduated the University of Craiova in 2002, then he worked as employed to several companies including Intersystems in Targu Jiu

Soon he realisez he is not made to be the average employeed he quit his job and started working on several projects on his own, launching where he published two computer games:

GreenFace the Virtual Reality and Jigsaw 4000 .

Both games were big successes, he soon found a company in Germany ( Mad Data interested to publish GreenFace the Virtual Reality to retail on boxes in software shops, and Manaccom an Australian company interested to publish the Jigsaw 4000 game in Australia )

Several years later he released , with software utilities for the general PC use.

The website includes software tools to backup and restore email, a privacy protecting utility, and pdf conversion software.

In 2007 Alex Marias released , a website that became the largest email form building service in the world. With over 500000 users, and millions of visitors each month, Alex Marias sold this website in 2009 to an USA company for $95000 USD . He received the money and the buyer was satisfied with the purchase, as the website was making over 5000$ in montly profit from software subscriptions.

Alex Marias had an agreement with the new buyer to continue working on the website, and in case of the new buyer selling the website he should have paid Alex Marias 20% of the website purchase price. Which the new buyer never did.

Alex Marias moved on and developed several other good guality websites, such as , which he later sold for good profit.

In 2013 he launched and he develops software technology for , two sites for the Romanian market, who soon became good successes.

The website has over 20000 users, and is ranked #1 for lots of keywords like 'formulare online' , 'formular de contact' , etc , while the also is becoming the most used database of customers that cause financial losses by not respecting agreements .

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